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Hi everyone,

I just got a 12000 pix x 12000pix  Psd file from some colleques from Berlin, that do big 3D Rendercompositions, to fulfill the wishes of our architectural company.

This psd file has about 3.55 GB, while the saved affinity photo has got about 1.8 GB.     So in the computermemory after opening ,  Photohop uses about 20 GB while affinity uses 6.8 GB..   the opening in PHotoshop takes abut 100 Secounds, while opening the affinity file in affinity, takes about 6 sec.


only thing, where Photoshop seeems to win is Viewport speed..   In Photoshop for example i can zoom in and pan fast and smooth...      But affinity seems to struggle..  The new areas that come into place at your Viewport are somewhat ..  " low resolution rasteriszed" and have to be redrawn first..  so paning around , affinity seems to behave more..  hmm.. slow... because it has to redraw / reconstruct the new immage areas at first... while photoshop handles it fast and smooth even with this szize of Immage and with about 50 to 70 Layer in use...

So what did you see here ?

Is affinity realy more slow than Photoshop with big documentes, ore can i use some adjustments somewheere in the interface to speed it up ?

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  • Staff

Hi Tom Schülke,


Which operating system are you using? if you are using Windows go to the App preferences and the Performance tab could you try changing the renderer to see if that gives you better performance.




Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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