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Node / Handle Selection Priority

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I'd like to report a quirk that i often run into when using affinity designer.

This is hard to explain but i will try.


Basically, I select multiple nodes that are very close together. These nodes have curve handles that are very close to the node origin. When try to move the group of nodes by grabbing the square node (that appears in the foreground of the group), it instead grabs the round curve handle behind the node. 


I believe it would feel more natural when editing to favor the nodes over the curve handles when clicking and dragging. 


See this video example of exactly what i mean. I am simply trying to drag these 2 selected nodes, but the Node Tool keeps favoring the curve handles versus the nodes. It finally acts like it should after about 5 tries, but i had to get as far to the corner of the node to avoid the curve handle to finally grab what i was trying to.



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This. A hundred times this.

All the time, I select a large number of nodes (usually when working on things that started as hand-lettering) because I need to make adjustments to a whole portion. Now that I have all of these nodes selected, it seems like I should be able to grab one of them and drag the whole lot wherever. In practice, though, EVERY time I try, it grabs and pulls a single handle. I need to be zoomed out, as I'm making a macro-adjustment and need to see the whole piece, but the only way I can successfully grab a node (and move the whole group of selected nodes along with it) instead of a handle is when I'm zoomed way in.


If nodes were prioritized over handles when multiple nodes were selected, there'd be no problem. I can't think of a single time when I've selected a bunch of nodes and then the first thing I wanted to do was to drag a handle...


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