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Please compare the first two attached items, which are the final outputs of a focus stack.

1+2+3+4:59945ee500b80_1234.thumb.png.66f7951d9fa32d8f5f100f98c424048a.png  VS  59945f2ae38c6_AB.thumb.png.64a63d80feef91389798de7da708571e.png:A+B (i.e. [1+2] + [3+4])

Here's what's going on:

1+2+3+4.png is a focus stacked image from 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, & 4.jpg >> The result is blurry, so I tried dividing the task to help the alignment algorithm.

A (1+2).png is a focus stack using only photo 1 & 2, while B (3+4).png is one using 3 & 4. >> These 2 intermediates, when combined will contain all 4 focus points (as would 1+2+3+4).

A+B.png is a focus stack of A (1+2).png and B (3+4).png. >> This result is what I expected initially when merging the 4 photos at one go.

This means that the current alignment is not optimal, perhaps you could offer an alternate mode where Photo would proceed by using intermediate image states, as I did above.
There are different ways to approach this, perhaps the same result could be obtained by first combining 1 and 2, then the resulting image to 3, and finally the latter combination to 4 to get the final output. Or alternately, use some kind of algorithm/AI to determine the closest set of images to merge sequentially before the final render.

Is this logic legit? I tried, it's repeatable.


1:1.JPG     2:2.JPG     3:3.JPG     4:4.JPG     A (1+2):A (1&2).PNG     B (3+4):B (3&4).PNG


Edited by yusha
Attached an archive so one can download the source files easily to test out.

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