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  1. Hi all, I need help making a proper square or any shape with perfect sharp corners/strokes. I can’t find out how to do so - am I missing something or is this a limitation of Photo’s engine? Please see the attached screenshot. Anything drawn has round corners, even the Pen tool and the Pixel brush! The only way I can get sharp corners is to import a vector object but even then it’s borders lose opacity and it doesn’t look right.
  2. yusha

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad - 1.6.5 (Beta 1)

    Yes it was fixed quite a while ago in beta, and I think it made it to App Store too (v 1.6.4, 2 weeks ago). It’s not possible yet to share .afphoto except to iCloud/Files app from my experience. I hope to see this feature too.
  3. Actually, to take care of that yellow tint, I had a duplicate layer with only the blue channel. Using blend mode as lighten makes it look like the original image. Not sure if the blur will act the same in a blend mode though. Then I guess you could group these two layers. If that doesn't make sense, please disregard. I'm a noob. #UPDATE# Nevermind, I see the yellow tint with the blur!
  4. Sorry, I misunderstood your question! Perhaps you could apply a Channel Mixer Live Filter as a workaround, seems to work:
  5. Hi @bit98, Here's how to isolate a channel for applying edits: See it in action: 9EBA8F80-5DF0-4AFC-8A30-FD4FF68FA30B.MOV Clicking in the 'edit icon' will toggle it on or off. Disabling it for a specific channel will prevent changes to that channel. Similarly, the 'eye icon' will allow you to toggle channel visibility. There's a tuto on this, scroll down to the Channel section:
  6. See attached. When in portrait mode and there are lots of layers, I can't scroll down to the bottom the list. If that glitch is active and I rotate to landscape it will persist. The only fix is to close the layer group, be in landscape, open the layer group. I can then scroll all the way down until I do some other manipulation, after which I may be restricted again. iPad Pro 9.7", iOS Public Beta 7, Photo beta v1.6.5.59 27D1BBC0-D580-416C-973F-4F76D6E19AE3.MP4
  7. Please see attached video. After opening any slider's type-in menu in develop persona, i) close button doesn't work and reset the entered value the only way to get out is to select one of the preselection (9, 25, 50...) ii) tapping anywhere outside the slider's type-in menu but within the studio hides the panel e.g. clicking on the clarity label hides the panel iPad Pro 9.7", iOS Public Beta 7, Photo beta v1.6.5.59 24827172-9EC7-4F14-AE6A-B00BDB61D78D.MP4
  8. yusha

    Where is the Keys?

    As an example, there is a 3rd pane for the Pen Tool: Likewise for some other tools, there are additional shortcuts .
  9. Two-finger tapping brings a contextual menu.
  10. Does the attached video help? It's about converting a canvas with white bckg to a transparent one. Transparent Canvas.MP4
  11. If you import the NEF file from iOS photo gallery in stacking, you'll end up with the JPG. Try copying a few NEFs to iCloud first, then import them in Affinity Photo in the stack mode, this time it'll import the actual RAW file. Then, I presume you'll experience the crash!
  12. Yes, This bug is persisting since the main launch afaik - so the devs should already be aware.
  13. The issue was resolved for all except stacking though, which still import JPG from the RAW. I hope they didn't miss it or that it is not a limitation. Currently importing RAW in "New Stack", as little as 2 x 12 Mb files, crashes the app every time. @Patrick Connor
  14. Hi, Please compare the first two attached items, which are the final outputs of a focus stack. 1+2+3+4: VS :A+B (i.e. [1+2] + [3+4]) Here's what's going on: 1+2+3+4.png is a focus stacked image from 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, & 4.jpg >> The result is blurry, so I tried dividing the task to help the alignment algorithm. A (1+2).png is a focus stack using only photo 1 & 2, while B (3+4).png is one using 3 & 4. >> These 2 intermediates, when combined will contain all 4 focus points (as would 1+2+3+4). A+B.png is a focus stack of A (1+2).png and B (3+4).png. >> This result is what I expected initially when merging the 4 photos at one go. This means that the current alignment is not optimal, perhaps you could offer an alternate mode where Photo would proceed by using intermediate image states, as I did above. There are different ways to approach this, perhaps the same result could be obtained by first combining 1 and 2, then the resulting image to 3, and finally the latter combination to 4 to get the final output. Or alternately, use some kind of algorithm/AI to determine the closest set of images to merge sequentially before the final render. Is this logic legit? I tried, it's repeatable. Thanks. 1: 2: 3: 4: A (1+2): B (3+4): Source_Photos.zip
  15. yusha

    Portrait Mode UI glitches

    You peeps are so fast in implementing updates and resolving issues. You must have really amazing teams and dedicated coders!