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Hi, I love the software, but miss some crutches I often use in other software.

I think it would be convenient to have a few preset white balance settings in a drop down menu in develop persona. E.g. As shot - Sunny - cloudy - shade etc. that usually helps in finding a good starting point for wb. I guess it would be great if demanding individual users could tweak these to account for their specific cameras, but for me that doesn't seem necessary. At least, rawtherapee works for me perfectly this way. 





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One can at least approximate the above presets in the degrees kelvin box in the WB panel in Develop. 5500=daylight for example. It would be nice if this box was also available in the WB panel in the Photo persona. 


iMac Retina 5K 27 inch Late 2105, 3.2-i5, 32 GB Memory, AMD Radeon M380 2048 MB

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