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One thing that ticks me off in Illustrator is after you transform an object, it forgets what you have done to it. For example if you rotate a square 35 degrees, deselect it, reselect it, the program does not tell you how much the object was rotated. If you want to return the object to zero degrees rotation, you have to eyeball it. 


I know you guys can do better than that. I want to select and object and see that it was rotated x degrees and perhaps also a record of the scaling, and other transformations that have occurred. This is also very useful with imported graphics. Was it scaled disproportionately? Was it flipped? 

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I think what puredesign means is that the app remembers the original state of the object (scale, rotation and position) kind of like a history for each object. And until you "apply" the transforms you could go back to the state at which it was created. To take the idea further, if you could individually adjust sliders to say return to the original size and position but retain the new rotation would be cool.

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