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Unable to flatten layers and export to JPEG?

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I've just downloaded Affinity for iPad on my iPad Pro 12.9" and have been working on some photos. Doesn't really have any problem until I try to flatten my layers and the process takes forever. I've tried waited 30mins and it's still going, is this normal for the progress to be so long? I'm only working on 3 layers with some masking and layer adjustments. I've also tried to exported it as JPEG and I'm stuck at the "preparing to export". Anyone facing with the same problem? By the way, the photos are taken with my Cano 5Ds so the file size cold be a factor?




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Hi Calvin,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Which Affinity Photo for iPad version are you running?

Have you updated to the latest 1.6.2? Previous versions had an issue when exporting to JPG with Embed metadata enabled. Disabling it allows the export to be processed correctly.

If you are using an older version please update it using the App Store app and check if the problem persist. If you still have problems flatten the layers can you please attach/link the .afphopto file here so we can take a look? Thanks.

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Hi Thanks for replying. I'm running the latest version. Have tried disable all sorts of things, restarting app and iPad without any results.

Actually as mention before I want to flatten the project in the first place, but it can't be flatten, the process just keep going, it never finish. I've tried to merge layers, with the same result.

I've tried to use "save as" to save the file without the histories, but once I have saved it in my Google Drive. The file is not recognised by the app, cannot be open at all.

What I have succeeded so far is resizing the project into a lower resolution and then I have no trouble flattening the project. This make me wonder, what is the maximum resolution is supported by the app? Does it means I need to resize the images everytime I start a project first?

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