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Features request for 1.6

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Some features to think about about for the 1.6 version or maybe for later versions:


- Parallel lines tool.

- Offset lines tool

It will work like the parallel tool, but lines can be offset at a specific distance and will be resized to keep the shape.

- Fill with pattern or picture

Can fill shapes with a vector pattern or bitmap image. The patterns can be rotated and/or scaled.

- Drawing constraints.

Being able to constraints drawing to perpendicular, middle, specified angle or tangential to a circle.

- DXF export

Can export a drawing in DXF and keep colour fills to import drawings in a CAD software.

- Support Georeferenced PDF.

This feature is just to keep geographic information that can be stored in a PDF file if editing it with Designer. Currently they aren't kept inside the drawing and thus Designer cannot be used to edit such PDF files, Illustrator remains still necessary. Allowing this feature would make Designer compatible with GIS softwares.


- Illustrator plug-ins

Since Photo as a preliminary support of Photoshop filters, could such a feature be integrated later in Designer as well with Illustrator filters? Would be great for filters such as CAD Tools or MAPublisher if technically possible.

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Hi M-Rick,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

To fill a shape with an image (or use it as a pattern - raster patterns only), select the shape, change to the Gradient Tool or Fill Tool (depending if you are using Affinity Photo or Designer), set the type to Bitmap in the context toolbar and select the image/file you want to use from the dialog that will open. There's additional options in the context toolbar to control the filling after selecting the file.

I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section as this section is only for bugs reports.

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