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Focus Merge - Specular Highlights

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Firstly ... I think Serif have done a fantastic job with Focus Merge.  I have been using Helicon for a number of years, but have dropped it completely now with AFP's Focus Merge.  It's massively simpler and thus, much much faster and the results are often considerably better and seldom worse.  So well done on a good job.  (I would actually buy AFP for this feature alone, despite a couple of bugs in its implementation: Flipped source files (vertical/horizontal) and sometimes all the images not being used in the render).


There is one area that could be improved though and that is specular highlights.  I often have these in my work and AFP's Focus Merge tends to render them as very soft/blurry highlights.  Ironically, sometimes this is quite nice.




• My ultimate would be to have a single brush that could be used over the entire image (without having to find and select the corresponding Tiff in the Sources Panel) so that I could selectively *and easily* brush the  blurred highlights in/out.


• Failing that, it would be useful to have a checkbox in the New Focus Merge dialog (or on the Sources Panel ... which I guess would mean a re-render) to allow specular highlights to be either soft or hard by default.

Grumpy, but faithful (watch out all you cats)

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