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I'm far from a power user, and I still haven't had time to work through any tutorials, but I'm trying to use Affinity Photo instead of my very ancient copy of Adobe Photoshop.


One feature that I use quite frequently is leveling the horizon on a photo. In Photoshop you can use the measure tool along the line you want to make straight, and then when you open up the rotation panel, the Arbitrary value has been automatically set to the value needed to make the correction. One click and the the photo is leveled perfectly.


Is there anything like that in Photo (or Designer - I've bought them both)?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Jeffjn,


In Affinity Photo, select the Crop Tool, then on the Context Toolbar (top) select Straighten. You then click drag along the line to make straight and then release, it will auto adjust and you can then use the Crop options.

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