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Will there be a pageplus and webplus replacement

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Hello, I am a very long term Serif Pageplus and Webplus user.  I can now see you are no longer intending to develop either of these products in favour of everything Afinity.


So, will you be doing a page layout software to replace page plus?  Will you be doing a web design software to replace web plus and will it handle mobile pages better?  I look forward to hearing from somebody.  Thanks

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Webplus X8 is brilliant -- I wish your team would consider the niche between the incredibly too-simplistic-and-amateur markets like Wix and other drag-and-drop web designers and the Adobe non-intuitive designers.  Webplus fit PERFECTLY and you had a monopoly in this arena.   It's not too late -- create Webplus X9

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Hi, @karl emmerich and welcome to the forums.

As you can see from the date of the initial posting, it was five years ago. Serif has no ambitions to launch another web design programme. There are enough good programmes for this purpose in the open source area.

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I have been using WebPlus X7 for my small home business for several years and love it (after transferring from Front Page when its support was discontinued). I just bought a new computer and want to set it up there, but evidently my account didn't transfer over to Affinity, and I don't know where to look for my product key. I understand WebPlus X7 doesn't have technical support, but if you can tell me where to look for the product key on my purchased software (doesn't seem to be in the printed material or on the CD-ROM disk (that I could find), I can complete the installation on my new computer. I can't find that info anywhere on your site, probably because I can't access my account!


Marcella Covault

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