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Overall the tutorials are fantastic and an awesome feature of Affinity.  However the "Raw: Developing Images" tutorial has a lot of "click on the Chromatic Aberration Reduction will reduce chromatic aberration".  Uh, well, if the viewer doesn't know what chromatic aberration is then this doesn't teach them anything (same critique applies to most of the rest of that tutorial for even simple things like "contrast" which probably everyone actually knows what contrast is)

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Hey Mithel, thanks for the feedback. That video was part of the first set that launched with Photo; at that point, the videos were intended more to familiarise people with where the relevant X, Y and Z features would be that they're used to in other software. So, rather than each adjustment or feature in the Develop persona getting exposition (which would probably make for a much longer video), it's more of a "Here's where you will find this feature" approach. There's a separate video dedicated to fringing and chromatic aberration (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrGNjvAfD_0) which also explains what they are visually.


As time has gone on I've endeavoured to widen the scope of the videos and cover as many features, workflows and more esoteric requirements as possible. Like with most projects, I've occasionally looked back at the older videos and thought it would be nice to revise them (and indeed, several have already been rerecorded), but there's only so much time in the day  :) - having said that, its time may come in the future..


Thanks again for the comments, I'm glad that you're getting good use of the tutorials! I'm forever planning new videos and content so if you feel there are areas that haven't been covered (or not covered in enough detail) then I'm eager for any feedback.




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