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Hello everyone!

Does anyone know if there is a way in Photo to stamp alpha values?

While RGB values will overwhrite A, A does not get picked up by the stamp or it will simply not overwrite RGB.


Here are two images to illustrate what I am talking about:


Image1, showing where I pick up colors:



Image2, showing where I want to stamp:




In Image2, parts of the green should be overwritten by alpha ("erased").


If this is currently not supported, could anybody move this to feature requests?

Thank you for any help!


Best wishes,


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  • Staff

You could use the Clone Tool to clone the Source to a new Layer and use this Layer to create a selection to delete the edge of the Green object or create a mask instead.


It would be easier to use the Channels Panel to select the Black object's Alpha channel and create a mask from that. Feel free to upload your file and we'll see what's possible :)

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Thanks for your reply!

The screenshots were just from a test file to show the issue that I'm facing in a simple manner.

The files that I am actually working on are much more complex, but it comes all down to not being able to overwrite RGB with A using the Stamp Tool ("Clone Brush Tool").


If I understand your first suggestion correctly, I am not going to be able to get semi transparent areas though, right?

When creating a mask for the alpha, I am going to lose the RGB values that I want to stamp, won't I?

I actually need to read and write RGB and A at the same time.

I made another test file that is closer to what I am actually working on, so it may be easier to understand what I actually need.


Here is the file:



As you can see, there is a vertical line in the image that should be smoothed out. For doing things like that in RGB, I use the stamp. But when there is an alpha channel involved, it's rather difficult, because RGB overwrites A, but A won't overwrite RGB.

So basically, for example, after picking up color, if there has been alpha 100, it should erase at that point when stamping by 100/255.



Just for the record, the "Inpaint Brush Tool" does take alpha into account.

In some cases, I can solve problems like that with the said tool, but sometimes I'd just need the stamp to do that.

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  • Staff

Thanks for the sample image - It makes things clearer. After looking at your image I don't think what I suggested will help, sorry.


It doesn't seem possible to clone just the alpha values when using the clone tool. I can see why this would be useful, so i've moved this to the Feature Request section.

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