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Traditional drawing/sketch feel

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I'm assuming that Affinity Photo is like Photoshop & Affinity Designer is like Illustrator, so here's my question. Do I want to buy Affinity Photo or Designer for a more traditional sketching feeling? What I'm trying to say is like for example, with Photoshop I am more free to sketch the way I like it. With Illustrator your a little bit restricted like every stroke it'll correct/"smoothen" up and not work the way I want to. I did buy Affinity Designer which is feeling more like Adobe Illustrator than Photoshop. 

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Designer is primarily a vector app, but it has the "Pixel" Persona, where you can find some raster brushes, a mode similar to Affinity Photo, but gives you less options. Affinity Photo is more similar to "Photoshop" style of drawing/painting.


Maybe you would have been better off with Affinity Photo in that case, look at some examples on their Vimeo channel to check thier features.


If you are looking for something even more traditional you should look at apps like Corel Painter, ArtRage, Sketchbook Pro, Krita, MyPaint, and so on.


Its hard to say if AD or AP will include more painting tools/features in the future.


If you feel you made the wrong choice with AD maybe you can ask them to change your key for AP.

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As @pixelrain mentioned, there are other apps that are more focused on emulating the look of traditional media. They also often have non-traditional digital effects.


Neither AP or AD have that focus, but the paint-like, sketch like tools are quite good. AP seems to have much the same set of features as Photoshop. I only have Photoshop elements, and have not used the full app for probably 6 years. But AP's current set of tools seems about the same.


AD is surprisingly good both in vector and pixel work. Doesn't have the liquify persona, or the live filters. But it does have all the blend modes and layer adjustments. I never used Illustrator for anything beyond line, fill and gradient work. Again, its been some years since I worked w. it. Present AD is much smoother and more versatile.

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