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Before/After Labels in Develop Split View Not Switching

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This is a pretty minor issue, if I'm understanding how it's supposed to be used. I wanted to see the Before/After view of an image in the Develop Persona, so I clicked the "Mirror View" icon at the top of the window, and got what I expected... the After image on the left, the Before image on the right. But I prefer the "Before" view to be on the left, so I clicked the "Swap" button to the right. This switched the images, as expected, but the labels did not switch... the original is now labeled as "After". That looks like a bug to me. Or perhaps there's some kind of functionality there that I'm not catching. Thought I'd mention it either way. - Matthew


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Hi Matthew Gore,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is not a bug. Affinity Photo does display "reversed" before/after views. Currently there's no way to change it. I have filled an improvement request to provide a switch/control/way to swap their order. Thanks for your feedback.


The Swap button you used refers to another feature (synchronise settings in view modes) and doesn't do what you are expecting. For more info about this check Affinity Photo Help ▸ Develop Persona (RAW) ▸ Developing RAW images Syncing section on the right.

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