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[AP] Some feedback, questions and QoL features.

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The focus stacking is great:

        - Question: Can I use New Stack > Live Alignment > focus merge? I can't seem to focus merge a live group. If not then:

        - Feature request: Live alignment option for focus stack.


QoL: Adjustment sliders:

       - Question: How do you reset an individual slider quickly, rather than the whole panel?

       - Feature request: Double clicking the slider header (lightroom) or right clicking the up/down arrows on the number entry box (3DSMax) resets the slider/number entry to default.


Detail Refinement in the Develop Module:

        - This is sharpening, right? 

        - Feature request: Unsharp mask/threshold for sharpening. Without this it's mostly useless on any photo that has blurred and sharp areas (dof/panning/etc).


QoL: After selecting a menu with drop down options you can't transverse the options in the menu with the up and down arrow keys. Eg. Blend mode drop down menu.


The Export Module: I understand the use of slices for advanced users, but most people just want a nice big simple export button. It should probably default to the slices pane rather than the layers pane when entering the export module and the export all slices button might need to be a bit more obvious.



Just a few thoughts, feel free to disregard.

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