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Use group as layer mask

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Using a group as a layer mask doesnt seem to be possible, which kind of sucks.


One work around for a good workflow would be if you could choose the way you are painting like in GIMP.






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You're nesting layers, to turn a pixel layer into a masks you should place it aside the selected one.

The placement cursor changes form an horizontal to a vertical bar and the layer type changes form (Pixel) to (Mask).


Follow these tutorials to learn more about


Affinity Photo - Layer Masks

Affinity Photo – Vector Masking



Also the adjustment layer is a mask itself, so you can paint directly on it, or use gradient too for example


You can place as much masks as you want and keep these independent for further refinements.

Also you can mix vector and raster masks.


This is an example with two raster masks





The same result can be obtained using two vector masks (the gradient will be always editable)


PS. Those are masking days...  :)

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