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Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.5.0 - Beta 10)

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Unfortunately, the basic function of dodging / burning is still not working better than in previous releases.


When applied to an image area with full tonality, Dodge Highlights and Burn Shadows still basically revert each other - whereas one would expect those operations in sequence to increase contrast (basically like an s-shaped tone curve brushed in locally). The current behaviour far too much impacts the midlights independent of the tonality range selected, which makes the whole thing more or less useless.

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Running a new focus stack this morning I got some not so great results. These are in high(ish) contrast areas, with no nearby occlusions. Attached is a crop from the result. Note heavy blur along the light/shadow boundaries (there are source images in the stack with these areas in focus).


I ran it again after cropping the source images to roughly the same area, and surprisingly did not see the problem. Not sure what to make of that but it gives me hope that the fix won't be hard :). Image alignment, I guess, is likely to be the main difference between the two trials.



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