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Hardware Open GL, only GPU or both ?

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Hi Affinity team,


I don't know what is the best set-up (Designer and Photo) to use with my hardware :

MacBook Pro 9,1 - i7 2,6Ghz - 8Go Ram - nVidia GeForce GT650M 1Go + Intel HD4000
OSX El Capitan 10.11.6


I don't find any informations to understand what could be the best preferences I've to select for my kind of hardware.

For the moment I've selected both and I got less "ventilation panic", but is it the best thing to do ?

According to me, there is a lack of information on some options in the prefs. panels.

Thanks by advance for your answers.

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Hi DEF13,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Hardware OpenGL is a lot faster than the integrated GPU. By default Affinity picks the discrete graphic card (nVidia GeForce GT650M 1Go in your case) if you are using a MacBook Pro (at the cost of more power).

For more details please check this post by MattP (Project lead on Affinity Designer) about the performance options available in Affinity apps.

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Thanks for the answer.
It's very interresting.


I will post later a list of improvments, especialy for contectuals menus in layers panels or in workspace area.

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