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Pencil & Vector Brush Tool

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Hi there,


I have recently downloaded the Affinity Design Trial to see whether i am tempted away from Adobe Illustrator.

One of the main techniques i like to use on illustrator is using the pen or brush tool to trace over key areas of pictures i have inserted. I would take my time to trace over these key shapes and whenever i finished a section, the tool would auto smoothen out the lines. 

However, although Affinity Design has this function, it is no way near as smooth as Illustrator (You can see this in attached image). I do not know whether there are any options that adjust these tools to make my lines consistently smooth like Adobe have achieved.

All in all, if i could solve this issue it would definitely confirm me leaving Adobe to join Affinity. I was set to buy the software until i came into this problem.


Look forward to any useful responses,






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Hi JT-Heron,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This is a feature that was already requested quite a few times by other users. There's plans to improve it but it may still take a while until this is ready for release.

It would be great if you could improve this pencil, this is the only thing I'm waiting for in Designer. Very important would be the possibility to continue a stroke and to redraw it. waiting a year or more is not a problem if we finally get it !

thanks !

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