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Hide font selection's rectangle

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I was working on a project and thought about one thing that would make my life easier : could you hide the font selection's rectangle while I'm browsing between fonts? I don't know how it's called in English but I am talking about the rectangle that wraps a font that is selected. Also that would be awesome to improve the font interface to make it easier to select fonts.


Thanks a lot for listening to my two cents!

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Hi Etienne,

Which application/platform are you using?

On the Mac when you have a text box selected (without the text highlighted) the text bounding box disappears when you browse fonts. If the text is highlighted (in blue) then the highlight still remains visible when you browser fonts (i will fill an improvement request for this).

Regarding improving the interface for font selection, can you be more specific? what you would like to see there?

Do you know you can select fonts just typing the first letters of the font familty? The dropdown box should jump to the first match.

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Hi Meb,


Thanks for your quick reply (as always)! Sorry I realize I didn't give a lot of info! I'm on a Mac. So that would be a bug then because on my version (AD 1.4.2) the bounding box is still visible when I select fonts. Here is a video: https://cloudup.com/cOy2h35NA5V.


I haven't thought about it too much but I am sure there is room for improvement (for the font interface). For me I would love twe things:


- To be able to organize my fonts by type (sans-serif, serif, display, handwritten). I dont't how this could be done because I don't know which informations are included in a font file but maybe that could be linked to Mac default font book library (with collections for example).


- To have an option that I could select to replace font names with the selected text. That way it would be quicker to choose a font. Maybe increasing the font-size in the font list could help too.


I think the RightFont app is doing a good job in helping choosing a font but it's not working with AD (yet?).


Regarding your last comment maybe it's just me but that would help if the jump would happen only in the main list and not the small "last fonts used" list at the top (I know there are here, I can see them).

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Hi Etienne,

Thanks for the app version info.


- the bounding box issue was improved in version 1.5 Beta and will not appear anymore. It's still visible on the current version 1.4.2 (Mac App Store).

- you can use Apple's Font Book collections inside Affinity apps if you use the Character panel (top-left dropdown) instead of the dropdown on the context toolbar (it's not there for space reasons) to select the collection/font family.

- thanks for the suggestion


Regarding RightFont, only copy/paste and Icon fonts are working with Affinity apps. Currently other types of integration are not possible.

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