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Figuring out layer masks


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Goof'n around with some old Dover clipart books. I sketched up a couple of designs scanned them and had my first major sash of vector surgery on AD.  Its been on my computer for a little under a year and I figured I'd just jump into it and go for the gusto as I'm over Illustrator. The minimal reality of Affinity Designer is really nice.


I must say, I'm pretty stoked on the results, can't wait to get a gnarlier sketch going.  (( :ph34r:))


Affinity Designer 1.4.2 // Mac 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7

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Right on man.


Hey MEB, I gotta quick question.


I have been trying to download the artists files from the pop-up that appears during start up, you know- just to see how some of the gnarlier guys have made their work, but everytime I download, I can't find the file. Any idea where they download to?




Edit: Never-mind I found it. It just opens right up- duh.


Affinity Designer 1.4.2 // Mac 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7

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