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  1. Sweet, thanks man. I did a search but then I got impatient... ugh computer art is so gnarly. I think I'm going to go paint and then watch those tutorials later. Thanks again.
  2. Sweet, those tutorials rock, thanks duder. My problem with the Styles reality is that when I make one: it will not always carry over stroke attributes like scale with object after I select it in the stroke menu. Sometimes it shows up other times not. I have added several styles of the same stroke with the same attributes and each one of them comes out with a different width- its frustrating. There is no way to copy a style in one category and add it to another. After I create a new cat. I have to go and remake the style all over again, so even when I get it right, since I'm dealing wi
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to make a style out of a brush stroke I'm using for a project. When I make it a style it makes the stroke bigger or smaller, pretty much the opposite of what I want. I may not be doing this correctly. I usually right click on the stroke and make it a style, I even tried it from the studio window- but same issue. Even after renaming it the style keeps rendering whatever I apply it too incorrectly. Is there a way to either save a modified brush as a new custom brush or properly create a style out of a brush stroke? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey guys, I'm setting up a project for some Riso printing and I would like to emulate the settings I use for process printing for Illustrator in Affinity Designer. I have seen in some of the AD features videos a full process printing menu / work-flow but I have no clue how to set that up. Is there a way I can do process color separations with AD? Or more importantly, how do I set up the work-flow? Where're all my Print-Heads at? :ph34r: I attached an example of my Illustrator set up.
  5. Right on man. Hey MEB, I gotta quick question. I have been trying to download the artists files from the pop-up that appears during start up, you know- just to see how some of the gnarlier guys have made their work, but everytime I download, I can't find the file. Any idea where they download to? Thanks. Edit: Never-mind I found it. It just opens right up- duh.
  6. Goof'n around with some old Dover clipart books. I sketched up a couple of designs scanned them and had my first major sash of vector surgery on AD. Its been on my computer for a little under a year and I figured I'd just jump into it and go for the gusto as I'm over Illustrator. The minimal reality of Affinity Designer is really nice. I must say, I'm pretty stoked on the results, can't wait to get a gnarlier sketch going. (( :ph34r:))
  7. Hey got a quick question: Is there a way to create custom swatches especially pattern swatches?
  8. SIIIIIIICK! B) Thanks duder, it worked. So anybody else reading this you have to follow Al's steps above, in that order. You may have to do a little node tweakage afterwards but its way chiller than what can sometimes happen in Illustrator doing the same operation, nice. Thanks again Alfred. Now if only one could break multiple nodes at the same time, then some serious vector surgery could go down, hmmm...
  9. Rad, thanks. It helps a bit but the only think is I want to use to the pen tool to start from an open node and draw a line to another open node, then do the same on the bottom tow nodes making the two elements that were separate into one whole. I am watching a video I found on You tube at the moment I will post up with the answer (if one is provided). Thanks again for the vid.
  10. Hey guys, I need to connect two elements I busted open on the node level. In Illustrator I would just use the pen tool click on the open nodes and make a line to the other node connecting it instantly. For some reason its not that simple here in AD. I must be doing something wrong. Can I get a quick rundown on how the action panel works in conjunction with the snap panel. I tried looking at the Affinity videos and found nada. I also did a search and came across a thread that seemed to address this issue but it was way too gnarly in jargon and confusing. :wacko: Below is a screen shot
  11. @Fixx, I think you can use the fill tool (little rainbow ball with the upward pointing arrow) to get your fill on. Though AD is a bit more minimal than AI it is much more enjoyable to use, I just gotta approach things in a more old school manner... which isn't a bad thing.
  12. Ok sweet, thats what I figured. So basically create a template that I can use for my pixel projects. Coolio, thanks for your help. I will fandango around with the raster reality to check it out. Can I ask here if its possible to create custom brushes or should I start another topic?
  13. But, just to ask, is it possible to divide a big rectangle into tiny squares?
  14. I'm down to do it raster style, I was able to make it work in vector mode through an addictive process (creating the pixels with the square tool and then snapping to grid all additional shares). I just wanted to divide a large rectangle into a bunch of tiny shares to simplify the process. But by all means hook me up with some knowledge on how to do this raster style. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, any suggestions for making pixel art. Usually in Illustrator I can just use a grid convert it into a path-form and then make it a live paint object and get my fill on, but here there is no such option and when I laid down a grid with lines and tried to divide a rectangle into a bunch of squares to live-paint it wouldn't divide. Its super frustrating and the concept is so simple it should be possible to Macgyver it but its not happening. Any advice? below is a screenshot of my attempt to get around the problem.
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