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Right Click > Fill Selection with foreground/background colour (Aphoto)

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Hi there, did a forum/help files search for Fill commands but nothing popped up so I'd like to request ...

Right Click > Fill Selection with foreground/background colour.

This would be useful for marquee selections as well as any other selections & especially for masking purposes. It was great to see Set black/white in custom keybord prefs in ver.1.4, perhaps even the option to ...

Fill with foreground or background option in custom keyboard.


Then I can draw a sun with the elliptical marquee, fill with black & change colour on the fly while still selected?


cheers folks, happy summer hols B)

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thanks for the reply, I've got the fill dialog box basics now & have set Option delete as a keystroke. Something was going on yesterday as I was messing around with masking techniques, ie save as greyscale layer & attempt to edit mask as appose to save as mask layer etc. At some point I was no longer able to fill selected areas made with either the marquee tools or otherwise. I will try log this problem when I get a mo & post to the help section but starting with a new document today, all regular fill commands have returned.

'till later...

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