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For pixel layers (and also for Affinity Photo down the line) -- Mouse Click and Hold + Hold SHIFT for 90 degree angle constraint

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For pixel layers in Affinity Designer, and later on for Affinity Photo for Windows, you absolutely must include the feature where if you hold SHIFT while drawing with a brush or an eraser, it constrains the angle to 90 degrees. 


This was BY FAR my biggest gripe with the PhotoPlus software. Just a simple little UX feature that Photoshop has had pretty much forever that PhotoPlus never had, and it drove me INSANE. 


I'm very, very excited for both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (moreso Affinity Photo than Designer), but that excitement will be diminished quickly if this feature is not part of the UX for pixel drawing. 


Please note that this is different from the current pixel layer behavior, where you can click once, then press SHIFT and click again on the layer, and the angle draws a straight line from the original click point to the end click point. That behavior is good, and should remain. 


The problem is, you can't visually see or predict if your second click was on a perfect 90 degree angle. The behavior I'm talking about is when you click and hold down the mouse to start drawing (or erasing) WHILE holding down SHIFT simultaneously.



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