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distressed text effect.

Guest geoff

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I'm trying to make a layer mask or its equivalent In AD to apply a bit of grunge to some text.

That's prob the way I would have done it in photoshop but I can't find anything similar in the app.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

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  • Staff

Nope you aren't :)

Welcome to Affinity Forums,

Affinity Designer does support masking. You can use both vector and raster tools to create one (drag the corresponding vector objects/raster layers over the thumbnail of the object you want to mask - a vertical blue line should appear next to the thumbnail). Or you can create an independent mask clicking on the mask button on the bottom of the layers panel (second icon counting from right). Additionally you can also convert an image to a mask in the latest beta going to Layer -> Rasterize to Mask (this new feature is still a little buggy).

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