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I'm working on my first drawing in AD. I enjoy using pixel and vector tools in one app especially. Because I use Photoshop for pixel work I have some thoughts about pixel persona (apologize if it was pointed somewhere).

1. When I make mask for pixel layer it is not linked to this layer (I see it above). Maybe it has some pros but I can't see them.

2. I can't invert mask. It would be great to use Cmd+I for that.

3. I can't use black and white on my mask. In Photoshop black hides and white shows. Here both show and I need to change tool to Eraser if I want to hide something.

4. I can't make mask preview (Option click in Photoshop shows mask).

5. It would be great to have options for Layers panel (with invert, make selection, show mask, hide mask etc.).

6. Can I use Space+Cmd, Space+Option to zoom in/out? It doesn't work for me (or works sometimes).



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Hi grzessnik,

1. Drag the shape or pixel layer you want to use as a mask over the thumbnail (you will see a small vertical bar) of the object/pixel layer you want to mask.

2. It's not possible to invert a mask yet.*

3. Yes, this is somewhat different than the tradicional black and white masking people are used too. I believe it's by design but due to the standard black/white masking i'm not sure if this doesn't add more confusion than what it solves.*

4. Yes there's no way to preview a mask

5. You can hide/show the mask, checking/unchecking mask layer visibility on the layers panel.

6. Yes Space+cmd and Space+Option don't work with some tools - try them in Pixel Persona with the Paint Brush and Erase Brush 


* The problem here is the way masks are implemented in Affinity. The tradicional black/white masking people expect doesn't work. In Affinity it's replaced by painted or not painted (erased) and this seems to lead to some confusion for those used to tradicional masking.

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