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Strange artifacts when scaling with Contour Tool

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Hey so I'm not sure it's supposed to do this. When using the Contour Tool, at a certain point unintended line fragments and geometry spawns inside of the new outline being created by the Countour Tool. See video.

Application: Designer

Using version 2.5.3

Is reproducible: yes

Happens for a new document: yes

Happens with both hardware acceleration on and off: yes

What happened:

I created a little squiggly blob shape using the Pen Tool. I then selected the Contour Tool, and upon scaling to a certain size, strange small line fragments and other odd unintended geometry began to appear. I also tried this with a square and had the same result, though the artifacts and unintended geometry was diamond shaped.

1: Make a blob or other shape with Pen Tool.

2: Use the Contour Tool and scale it up until strange geometry and/or lines begin crawling out of the void like some sort of occult hidden mathematics.

And that's it. I'm a new user and this was the first thing I tried to do in Designer, so I recognize I might be making a big deal about nothing, but I did notice that this could occur within ranges of reasonable use of the Contour Tool, like making an aura for a serpent, for example, and wanted to report it.

Video attached.

Unusual hardware:
I have a midi keyboard plugged in but I doubt that impact this. Also as I'm working on a desktop I have two monitors but again, I don't think that's the cause.

Did this same thing used to work and if so have I changed anything recently?

No I just bought and installed this today. First thing I did in this program ever.

2024-07-06 16-30-00.mkv

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  • Staff

Hi @EpicToastyand Welcome to the Forums,

Thanks for reporting this and for the screen recording, thats always a big help.

I've replicated this and after speaking with the QA team, I've logged this with the Developers.  We've got a couple of issues already logged, AF-3206 and APL-1649 that aren't helping this but the extra gaps/breaks and oddities you are seeing aren't what we'd expect.

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@stokerg I appreciate the information. I think that the artifacts created by using the contour tool with a square is particularly interesting, because the artifact is shaped like a diamond. This might be helpful for figuring out what sorts of mathematics and/or other stuff that's resulting in this unintended geometry. I wish the devs luck and may you all have an excellent week.

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