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Artboard export leads to blank (white) file

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I have a document with two almost identical artboards. In the Export persona, I created a slice for each artboard. When I export the slices, one of them is exported correctly, but the other one results in a blank (white) file.

The Layers view of the Export persona shows the content as it should be.


However, the thumbnails in the Slices view reveal what will actually be exported: a blank white slice instead of the expected content.


This is Affinity Designer v2.4.2.2371 on iPad OS 17.4.1 running on an 11-inch iPad Pro (model A1980).

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  • Staff

Hi @Michael A. Lowry,

Just from an initial observation, the Export Persona Layers panel screenshot shows that the Radio button has been toggled off for the 'NRF Logo Horiz. black' artboard, what happens if you toggle this back on and export the slice again?


If it doesn't have an impact, could you provide a copy of the file for further inspection? I can provide a private upload link if needed.


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  • Staff

Hi @Michael A. Lowry,

Thanks for the file, there's a bug in the iPad export persona layers panel where toggling the layer visibility does not update the radio button on the user interface until you toggle to another panel (such as the 'Slices' panel) and then back to Layers. 

I found this to be the problem with your top  'NRF Logo Horiz. black' artboard after expanding the artboard layer, the 'Shield & Text Black' layer was toggled off, and the white background was still toggled on, after revealing the Shield layer again by pressing the radio button and creating the slice from the artboard it was exporting in full.



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That was indeed the problem. The layer was marked invisible even though the buttons indicated that it should be visible.

In the Layers panel of the Export persona, I tapped on the layer visibility button next to the layer that was not showing up in the export. Even though nothing changed in the Layers panel, once I switched to the Slices panel, I could see that the layer had been enabled. Then, exporting worked as expected.

I look forward to the fix for this bug. Thanks for your help.

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