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.afdesign document placement (embed), original won't open unless embed window is closed

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(edit) Affinity Designer 2.4.1


1. Create artwork in .afdesign, save to file (A)

2. Create new document, embed A into file by using Place Image

3. Double clicked placed .afdesign embed to edit it, edit to make obvious difference, this opens new embed window (B) as expected.

4. Next, open original .afdesign document A with File Open.

App brings up window B and never opens the original document.

5. Close the embed window B

6. File open file A, file does not have the edit made earlier (obviously since that was embedded copy)

AF Designer seem to confuse embed window as the original file, when Image Placement Policy is Prefer Embed.

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  • Staff

Hi @edw3cats,

Thanks for your report!

I can confirm I've been able to replicate this issue here and I've logged it with our development team now.

I hope this helps :)

Please note -

I am currently out of the office for a short while whilst recovering from surgery (nothing serious!), therefore will not be available on the Forums during this time.

Should you require a response from the team in a thread I have previously replied in - please Create a New Thread and our team will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

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