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Publisher (likely others) Layers panel flaw

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Version: 2.4.0 beta 2240.

Expected behaviour: Moving items in the layers panel should show a blue placement 'cursor' line or square.

Buggy behaviour: No such placeholder is present. 






Steps to reproduce: Happens randomly, but never comes back to normal except after a restart.





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  • Staff

Hi AP-,

Unfortunately, I've not seen this and am unable to reproduce it.

Are you able to give any information as to common things you're doing/have done when you realise this behaviour has kicked in at all? Any other input devices you often use during sessions, or generally have installed?


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Unfortunately, it was completely random.

I'll be editing something and dragging pictures across pages and reordering their position in the stack, and at one point just noticed it wasn't doing the usual thing anymore. Has happened a few times. But not with any consistency or pattern.

Closing the file and re-opening it does not clear it.

Switching panels does not reset it either.

The only thing that does is restarting.

I've only got a magic keyboard attached (model just before the biometric sensor), and the current magic trackpad.

So I've gone across to play with it a bit more.

And it will do that after the first drag operation now. Different files. If you want an example file, the crasher.afpub file I uploaded in a previous bug does it; I don't think it's the content.

And it's there in 2.3.1.

I've been using Photo 2.4.0 beta 2240 extensively, and it does not occur there.

I'm not entirely sure what other information I could provide that might be of use to you.

Thank you for looking into this however, happy to provide more input if possible.

Here's a video for illustration (also demonstrates another bug that is difficult to reproduce - separate topic for that).






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