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Making a ‘Greek-style’ round border in Designer 2

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In reaction to a recent question, I’ve attached a video showing one method you can use to create a vector ‘Greek-style’ border using various tools in Designer 2 (some of the tools used aren’t in Photo or Publisher, or earlier versions of Designer).

Some of the functionalities/tools used are:

  • Quick Grid (to get the initial grid of squares);
  • Shape Builder Tool (to join the squares up, not actually necessary in this case);
  • Geometry functionality (to tidy things up and make them easier to manipulate);
  • Warp Group (to create the ‘bend’);
  • Move Data Entry (to create multiple copies).

If you need a different number of ‘repeats’, or differently-sized/spaced overall result, then you will need to calculate the Warp Value and Rotation differently, and maybe use a different height/width ratio for the initial design.

I’ll leave it to you to experiment.


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As an example, I watched your video carefully and recreated it 1:1.
This really works very well.

Now I would like to increase the number of graphics from 10 to 29.

Bend - I selected Horizontal and set the "Value" to 20%.
The graphic is then converted into curves.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work with a large number of graphics.

The result should then look like in my example.

Do you perhaps have an idea how to achieve this?

Apple 2020 Mac Mini M1 Chip (16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD)
Affinity V2 Universallizenz 2.3.1 + always latest beta

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As I said at the end of my original post, if you need a different number of repeated items you will need to manually calculate the Warp Value to cope with the change somehow.

Unfortunately I don’t yet understand how, for example, a Warp Value of 20% should allow for ten items (each at a 36 degree rotation → 10×36 = 360) as the Warp Value isn’t properly documented in the Help as far as I can see. (I just happened across some values that actually worked without much planning.)

I think you might have some trouble trying to calculate the Warp Value for 29 items as 29 doesn’t nicely divide into 360 and I don’t know if the Warp Value can hold non-integer numbers.

The lower the Warp Value the less the design ‘bends’ but I don’t know how that can be translated into/from a useful value.
The way the design bends at high Warp values I’m guessing that the warp maybe isn’t supposed to be used the way I used it and I just got lucky.

Sorry that I can’t be much more help on this as I’m not ‘mathematically inclined’, but someone else might be able to help better.

Note: I don’t know if this was your intention but, to ‘at’ someone – e.g. to notify them – you need to start typing with the “@” character, then continue typing their nickname without a space, then pressing enter when their nickname is selected, or manually selecting their nickname from the pop-up list. Doing it any other way just gets you some text with a “@” at the start.

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