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Photo 2.2.1: it is not not possible to define an absolute path in export persona


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There is a path field in the slice properties of photo's export persona. When I enter an absolute path there, like


it is converted to


i.e. th colon is omitted.

When I export this slice, I am prompted for a path. If I chose e.g. E:\primary_projects\export (just confirming the prompted path) the exported file is stored at:


Saving the path without drive letter doesn't help, becaus in this case the leading backslah is omitted. "\secondary_projects\exports" becomes "secondary_projects\exports".

As a workaround I save relative paths and chose root directory on export.

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Note: As per the Help, the Path field in the Slices Panel is only for Xcode UI development, rather than general exporting (it should probably be given a different name to make this clearer).

It might be nice if the user could create a User Variable, as in my attached image, without the software complaining that it contained prohibited characters.


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I didn't know about the meaning of the path field...

The user interface of the export persona could take some improvements anyway:

  • easy copy/paste of settings between slices or duplicating of slices
  • easy inclusion/exclusion of layers per slice
  • fix the following: if one exports only certain layers the background will always be transparent, independently of the setting in the document menu
  • a variable for dpi (which takes the value of the Export-dpi field or the source-dpi x scale factor)
  • fix the following: scale factor takes only "." as decimal point (no localisation to "," under German speaking environment as anywhere else)
  • and last but not least user variables should be global to all slices.

I have managed most of the above issues with templates, but any improvement to the export persona would be appreciated.


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