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Adjusting image resolution within AD document with bleeds

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I have an image within a 300 dpi document that is according to the contextual toolbar 900 dpi.

While AD documents tends to be rather hungry in disk space, I thought that it would be a good idea to adjust the image resolution to match the document one to save space.


The rasterise function in the layer menu seems to be a quick way to do exactly that, but...


I also have 3 mm bleeds on my document with the image filling them out. Unfortunately, the rasterise function cuts the image to the document nominal size, excluding the bleeds.


Is this expected or to be considered as a bug? Any suggestions on how to achieve what I'm trying to in an efficient way? (not like having to export the image at the target resolution and re-including it in the document)

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Although I did make a search on the topic before writing and didn't find anything (probably didn't use the right words in my search string), when I posted my question I was suggested this post by Keven:



That raises the same issue, but in the bug section of the forum. To this day, no answer was provided, though.

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I can see the issue you're having. We do have plans to add Bleed Area Guides in the future so I assume this should hopefully fix this issue.


A workaround I've used is to use the Transform Panel and increase the Width and Height of the art board to include the bleed measurement, rasterise the image and then take away the bleed measurement. Sounds like a faff but if you have a 3mm bleed you can just add +6 to the H & W measurements and press enter.



Raster and Bleed.mov

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Thank you Leigh for the feedback and the reasonable workaround with a clear demonstration!  :)


For single artboard documents you will have to actually define an artboard to have the quick access to the Transform Panel in the Studio, otherwise you need to do that from the Document Setup dialogue. That was also a nice example where doing maths in the transform panel is handy - I had almost forgotten about that trick.


I'm not sure what I can expect from "Bleed Area Guides" functionality, but it would surely be great if that also addresses this particular issue. We'll see when that comes around.

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