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Windows 11 Affinity Publisher V2 Resource Manager won't properly relink all files from a single folder


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So I've finally been able to afford the collective bundle for the cross platform Affinity V2 Suite. I've been so excited to get it for ages, and last night I finally did. 

Unfortunately, I'm moving across from the Adobe suite (the programs my uni uses).

I'm working away at a publication and have tried to bring an idml over to affinity. This has so far been met with much difficulty.

Primarily, many tutorials for the resource manager are out of date. It took me much longer than I'd like to admit to find the Resource manager in the Window menu, not the Document menu as almost all tutorials still say it is. 

Now that I've found it and have begun trying to reconnect everything, I'm running into more issues. I told the manager to look into the links folder of the publication, which it finally did, and it seemed to work (kind of).

Except now, it says some assets are linked, but are somehow missing. When I go to the folder they're there - same names, formats, files, everything. 

Yet the manager says they're 'Missing'. It's making me go through and manually relink almost every single image which is already there in the folder. Surprisingly, some of the images have linked okay, but it doesn't seem to have any defining pattern. Image format, size, nothing seems to dictate whether they'll show up missing. 

I've attached a screenshot showing the issue, with the resulting file explorer window opened through Affinity after pressing 'Relink' and the subsequent file explorer window if opened through Windows.

Luckily, I'm still near the start of the publication and I want to persevere with this, but so far I'm feeling pretty let down. 

I am looking forward to seeing if the experience improves though, and definitely looking forward to the profile switching/sharing.



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Hi @JamesByloand Welcome to the Forums,

I've just tried this with a couple of IDML files I have and was able to relink all the missing images from a folder in a single click.  I just used the Relink option and selected the folder with the images in and all were marked as Linked and Status showing as OK.

Can you upload your IDML and the linked files it's using to our Dropbox here and I'll see if I can replicate it with your files?


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