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How to draw a simple paper scroll (Designer only)

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The attached video shows how you can (quite) quickly draw a simple paper scroll, in Designer only (because of the use of certain tools).

The basic steps are:
(Don’t try to follow these steps without watching the video as they won’t make much sense otherwise.)

  1. Make sure that you have all the Snapping options ON except for Grid and Baseline Grid (it helps);
  2. Pen Tool: Draw a ‘zig-zag’ with 45 degree angles (use the relevant modifier key to help you);
  3. Pen Tool: Draw a ‘fly-out line’ from each ‘bend’ in the ‘zig-zag’ at 45 degrees (just keep them short, you’ll be changing them later);
  4. Node Tool: Convert the ‘bend points' to Smart nodes and drag the handles so they are at 45 degrees (you should see the purple helpers);
  5. Node Tool: Drag the nodes/handles (keeping them at 45 degrees) until they look nice (use your own judgement);
  6. Move Tool: Duplicate the whole design at 45 degrees away from the original;
  7. Node Tool: Extend the ‘fly-out lines’ from the original to where they are on the duplicate;
  8. Delete the ‘fly-out lines’ from the duplicate;
  9. Point Transform Tool: Copy the ‘fly-out lines’ to the ends of the curves;
  10. Shape Builder Tool: Make the new shapes;
  11. Remove any extraneous shapes if there are any;
  12. Add Gradient Fills and a Stroke to taste (better than I did in the video).
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