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Multi-layer .psd export for import to Motion

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Hi - I can't find this listed as I'm describing it.


I've drawn a diagram in Designer and want to drop it into Motion as a multi-layer file, so I can then add effects to each layer.


If I go to Export Persona and select all the layers, then export as .psd file, I still end up with a flat file.


What am I doing wrong?


I know this can be done as I've done it before, but several months ago and i can't remember! :/





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Also don't forget as you drag the PSD in Motion on to a group you need to wait to the pop up menu appears and gives you to the option to import all layers, gets me all the time. :)








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I don't even see that option.  I exported as you said, but as I drag it into motion, I hover over the group and the menu never pops up.  Should I wait more than 15 seconds?



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Hi DSchu2,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I'm assuming you have exported to PSD using the preset PSD (Final Cut Pro X)? Is that correct? If so, a few objects/constructs on the original afdesign/afphoto file may had to be rasterised or there may be another issue going. We already have a few reports of a few PSD's falling to import as layered files in motion. Any chance you can provide  the original afdesign/afphoto file from which you exported the PSD? I can provide an upload link if you wish to keep the file private.

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