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Publisher, Data Merge.


Original data are in Excel xlsx, formatted as hungarian phone number: image.png.1b9e71a5cd061886f632c3974ff4c58f.png

When I  merge data in Publisher, it shows the format code, not the number.

(I know, there is an obvious workaround, if I would store the numbers in Excel unformatted, written exactly the characters I would like to see in Publisher. But I think, It should not work like this.)

Why the format code is shown not the number itself?




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Hi @Zamek8and Welcome to the Forums,

We did have a similar issue logged with the Developers about data merging with formatted text/numbers not being displayed correctly and that was 'fixed' but even the report states, data merging with certain formats will cause trouble for us due a number of reasons.

If you'd like to attach your Excel file and afpub file (before the merge) or upload them to our Dropbox here, I can get it logged to see if this can be improved :) 

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9 hours ago, Zamek8 said:

When I  merge data in Publisher, it shows the format code, not the number.

If you have a list of 'phone numbers like:
 13334444 - code 1 for Budapest
523334444 - code 52 for Debrecen
then the cell format 06-##-###-####
will display them as
in Excel
If you use an xlsx file with Data Merge it will all go wrong but if you use csv then it is fine

Sorry if I misunderstood


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