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Placed & edited RAW images bog down a file in Publisher

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Recently, I have been experimenting with using RAW files in Publisher. I have 6 RAW images loaded which have a gradient map adjustment layer applied on top of them. But loading the particular pages (FHD resolution for a presentation) really bog down the entire file. 

Are there any speed improvements possible still?

Windows 10.0.19045, i7 7820HK, GTX 1070, 32 GB RAM

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Hi @Intuos5,

If you're working with placed RAW files this can be quite GPU/hardware intensive task, I've listed a couple of general points below which may help, but none are guaranteed to result in hugely improved performance as this can be file and hardware dependant.

Download the .MSI App instead of the .MSIX 

Some users have reported that installing the app via the unsandboxed .MSI installer has resulted in improved benchmark scores and general performance, I've linked an FAQ post below which details how to install the .MSI version of the app, be sure to uninstall Designer 2 first before installing the .MSI version to avoid any conflicts/issues. 

Try comparing performance with  Hardware Acceleration enabled/disabled

In some circumstances/hardware configurations having Hardware Acceleration enabled can cause problems, this can be toggled under Edit > Preferences > Performance. Once you have changed this setting, restart the app for the change to take effect. 

Whilst you're in the same menu, also make sure to have the 'Renderer' assigned to your GPU. 

Update your GPU Drivers 

Make sure that you have the latest available drivers installed for your GPU, i've linked Nvidia's driver search tool below.



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To be clear, when the images are loaded, they are very performant. Basically similar to placed images. But it takes a while literally a minute or more the entire file to render each image correctly when I am opening the file. I'm also seeing CPU spikes during this period, which I guess is to be expected. Thanks for the links.

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