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Bulk/Mass typing software

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Hello everyone
Hello Teams

Well, want to ask if there is a plan for a software/app that will empower studios to grow on stuffs like book editing etc.
I mean, the tandem of inCopy + inDesign (plus photoshop and illustrator) is quite very attractive and interresting.
I mean, having a, app that would be the very place where people do bulk/mass typing then all get centralised in Publisher then graphics and illustrations to come from photo and Designer; this level of collab would be great and help small business to scale while staying focus on one main suite instead of mixing and also people with typing skills could get daily or weekly for real and no more like Word/Wordpad > Publisher 

somethiong that really enables bigger possibilities.
just me thinking too much maybe but, one more time it would be super great.


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This is something that I've been asking before. My opinion is that the best way would be an interface to import/export markdown, very easy to teach to collaborators, and open to many types of contribution and possible without any dedicated app (any text editor would suffice).

My preferred dialect would be Pandoc, a very powerful variant of markdown that can be easily converted from a plethora or different formats.



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