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How to extract a subject?

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Need to create a composite image and need to know how to extract a subject from one image and put into a background image.  I've tried using the selection brush, but had no luck. So to sum it up Copy a subject out of one in image and paste into the background. Any help much appreciated.

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Hi James5,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

First you have to create a selection of the object you want to extract then copy/paste it to a new document.

Here's a video tutorial covering how to select, refine and create a mask for a subject to isolate it from the background.

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Hello James,


I provide Tutorials on YouTube with English Subtitles.

Making selections takes part in many videos.

For example

Disintegration Effekt


Man without head


Many other tutorials will follow.

I hope, these can help.


Ciao Jack 

Affinity Jack

Video-Tutorials on YouTube in German with English Subtitles

Link to my YouTube-Channel: AFFINITY JACK


Author in the team of www.affinitytutorials.de, the website all about Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer



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Hi James,


Looks like your spoilt for choice. As mentioned above there are a few available. You also have this as well Compositing in Affinity Photo




About me: Trainer at Apple, Freelance Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Website Designer, Photographer. Yes I like creating things!!!


Twitter: @StrawberryMnky  @imAllanThompson

Web: mystrawberrymonkey.com  Portfolio: behance.net/allanthompson

YouTube: Affinity Designer & Photo Tutorials

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