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Affinity Photo's Macro Panel and Behaviors, bittersweet!

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Let me start by saying that Affinity Photo's Macro's behaviors are good but not great.

Hands down, they have set themselves apart from Photoshop's actions in that you'll get a live preview of the results before you commit to them by playing the macro/action.

You also get to tweak parameters that (as an action creator) you user will be able to adjust and even rename the parameters name to something you prefer!

That is down right awesome but this is where it all falls flat.

There are some absolutely crucial things missing from Affinity Photo's Macro's studio (panel) and I'll create a list of them:

  1.  Each action taken should be able to be moved in the stacking order dynamically, after recording.
  2. Clean up the "unchecked" actions/steps. Right now you can uncheck them but for the sake of those suffering from OCD, please have the option for them to removed from the list of steps. It's hard enough trying to find stuff at times.
  3. Double click a step to edit it or re-record. This something Photoshop's actions panel allows it and it's just good manners. 
  4. Inserting menu items, this is crucial. For example, changing the document's size.
  5. Allow for clipping masks, this item is missing in the "Arrange" menu and is another large missing piece for advanced macro's.
  6. Allow adjustment layers to be adjusted more than once. Right now you can only adjust immediately after it has been add to the steps, once you close the window, that's it. (I'm sure this is a big ask)

This is just the beginning of things I've come across consistently. I hope we can see some in the very near future. 

Keep up the bang up job Affinity folks! Love V2! 

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I would like to add that when using copy and paste with a macro, only the action should be recorded and not the actual images. It makes no sense to have a macro that will copy from one image and paste into another only to have the same image pasted that was originally recorded with the macro. It totally defeats the purpose of using a macro. Currently, at least as far as I know, there is no way to make a macro that will combine two images. The subsequent use of the macro will always paste the original image into the new document, no matter what 2 images are selected. Why??

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