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Media browser cannot read your own native files.

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It really would be helpful if the media browser could read Affinity's own file format. If the OS can read them then surely it can't be too challenging to have your own browser do so as well. This seems a rather astonishing oversight and, sadly, renders the browser of limited practical use.

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Hi DavidMac

I believe the Media Browser uses the standard OS X Media Library framework to provide access to images/files stored in other sources/apps like your photos in Photos/Aperture libraries, Pictures folder etc and as such it doesn't recognise native Affinity files in this first implementation. It's intended to give you a way to navigate/open those files rather than to provide (yet) a way to browse our own native files. This should be improved as we move forward.

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This would be useful. I can't speak for others but as I build a project the project folder accumulates a mixture of files from other sources and working files from AFD and AFP themselves. To be able to browse them all from within the apps would be helpful. As it is the media browser doesn't simply not thumbnail native files - it doesn't even show their presence. They are invisible to it. So at the moment I have to use an old version of Bridge set to load automatically to AFD and AFP instead of PS & AI. Works fine but it seems such a shame ........  :(

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