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Affinity Suite Issues with file opening

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I've came across a very weird bug today where trying to open any of the designer, publisher or photo files return and error instantly - "There was a problem connecting to the server This files server will not allow additional users to log on". This also happens when I try to create a new file in either of the affinity apps. I could understand if the files were on a network drive, however these are local files. This also happens with files stored in google drive for desktop finder folder. It seems google drive app for macOS has recently been updated, I suspect this may have caused an issue, however I don't understand why it has affected all of the affinity apps. This issue does not occur with any other app.

Did anyone experienced this before? Extremely frustrating as I basically cannot use any of the apps

CleanShot 2023-02-07 at 20.52.55@2x.png

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  • Staff

Hi @NikoB,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums & sorry to see you're having trouble!

I can confirm this is a known issue which is logged with our development team - I will be sure to update this log with your report now and we're working to resolve this ASAP.

In the meantime, can you please follow the steps outlined in the below thread and let me know if this allows the app to open as expected?

Many thanks in advance :)

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  • Staff

The issue "App attempts to reconnect to disconnected SMB share on launch" (REF: AFB-7024) has been fixed by the developers in internal build "".
This fix should soon be available as a customer beta and is planned for inclusion in the next customer release.
Customer beta builds are announced here and you can participate by following these instructions.
If you still experience this problem once you are using that build version (or later) please reply to this thread including @Serif Info Bot to notify us.

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