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Affinity Publisher - Master Page vs All the other pages

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I'm new to Publisher. 

I'm making a journal. I used the Master Page to create the lines. However, part of the journal include different forms of support, nudging etc. See example.

I create the png in Designer to the size I want. I place a Picture Frame Tool on the page I want in Publisher, then drop the png into it.

It shows on the Master Page and all the pages. I only want it on this one page. I actually placed it on Page 2, which is where I want it.

How do I keep the Master Page as the base (for the lines on every page) then detach it from the other pages so I can input custom inserts?

Thanks for your help.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 12.57.00 PM.png

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Hi and welcome to publishing!

First, don't create that text block as a PNG which is a raster format, you'll lose sharpness if you don't have the resolution exactly right and you won't be able to edit the text in Publisher. Draw that text frame on page 2 and type the text into it. Don't put the text frame on the master or it will show up on each page.

Second, not all pages have to be based on the same master. Let's say you wanted that text box on several pages. You'd just make a new master page (let's call it Master B) and apply Master A to it. That would add the lines from A to B. Then add the text frame to Master B and apply Master B to whatever pages you want to have the text frame. Then on each of those pages, type the unique text into the box that you want on those pages. If you wanted the exact same text on each of those pages you'd type the text into the frame on the master instead.

Good luck!

Free PDF manual for Publisher 2.2 - links to a forum page with more information [manual updated Sep. 26]

Affinity 2.2 for macOS Sonoma 14.0, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)


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Thank you so much.

I think I got it.

So I can create different Master Pages for pages I where want different text boxes to appear. I made one where the text box is in the upper left corner, I'll make another Master Page where I want a text box in a different area of the page and so on. Then when I go to the page number, I just assign a Master Page I created to it.

I created a rectangle Shape, outlined it and made the area white, then I can put a Text Box inside so the lines of the page don't show through. 

If I am missing something please let me know.

Thanks again!


Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.30.43 PM.png

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@BHIP, have you checked out the tutorials?

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