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Features necessary for CG industry


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My guess Affinity is focused more on photography and graphics design .  Probably those areas provide much deeper customer pool  but why not to add a few extra features to make the soft useful in CG area too including  movie and game productions.


 I was an ardent Painter user for years  but it so behind of current needs nowadays.     There are a few modern programs for games/movies  like Substance Painter/Designer, Mari  +  node based composers.    


Still all they are inconvenient like hell imo.  Over complicated for things that should be easy like 2x2.   Filled with a lot routine operations and checkbox craziness  to be  "flexible" .     I need nothing "flexible"   , I need something convenient, quick and simple like   hammer and sickle   or a brush and palette.    So I believe there is still a big  market niche. 


In fact I need a kind of  Painter  ( Corel lost my hope )   capable:


1.    to paint in multi layers simulationly  with  a special set of dabs for each  physical property of a material.


2.   to compose groups with depth/height combining  having auto generated masks to separate pixels having higher "height" value. 


3.    Painter's or Krita's  "wrap" mode to do repetitive textures


  For point 1  Affinity Photo needs just a kind of "clone"   "virtual copy"  layers  at first  + ability to lock transforms for those layers even if they are parented within different groups.


  Same for point 2     plus ability to have "live" masks,  generated on line by a specific combination of layers .   The feature is already available in Photoshop for example as "group clipping"   Would be nicer if it would be  just a simple command  like layer A + layer B / Layer C   having those layers set  invisible somewhere beneath the main stack. Would beat any node based crazy Gordian knots.


  For point 3 it's again  transform locked "virtual copy" with a specified shift value.


So it's just a very few steps imo. 






















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