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Temporary Tool Selection Option

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hello, i repost an old post from glennsart , i'd definitely like to have this function for my workflow since i 'm used to clipstudio/ photoshop

quote from the previous post : 

"Specifically, @hifred wrote, "What I am used to from  quite a variety of programs (including Photoshop) is that one may temporarily call another tool by pressing and holding down a letter key. That way one may lay down a couple of brush-strokes while actually drawing a path: Press (and release) P to call the path tool and click to lay down anchor points. In order to access to the brush tool one would press (and hold!) the letter B. As soon as you let go the B-key one reverts to the Pen tool exactly in the position where one had left off – one may continue laying down points in that path." 

I would reiterate and whole-heartedly endorse that idea, as when I was using Ps, that's a function I used very, very frequently. Not being a coder, I may be asking for a lot here, but there seems to be a great deal of support for this suggestion based on what I've read here, so again, I thought I'd bring it up here.

Thanks very much for reading, and I hope I'm not being a royal pain in the caboose by bringing this subject up again. Have a great day :) .

Glenn "

thank you


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One of the things I miss in Affinity is this very useful temporary tool access feature. It makes workflow so much fluent.

Simple thing like picking a colour in any tool holding the "I" (Colour Picker) key pressed and releasing to return back to previous tool you were in. Fast and efficient. Or access Transform tool from anywhere holding "V" key pressed. I have an example from today when I really missed A***be software workflow.

I am warping a shape. I need to match my guide position (a) with the warp handle point (b). But since I am in the Node Tool, I cannot move the guide without loosing the node handle. In Node Tool, If I could just keep pressing "V" or "Cmd", etc. key to temporarily access the move tool, keep all my selections visible, move the guide (snap!) and release the key to return working with the Node Tool.


Please, Affinity.


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