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Correct File for Logo (Used on Website)

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and sorry for creating another topic, but I thought it would be better to open a new topic so that opther people, who have the same problem, could find any help here.


My problem is I've created this logo for a friend, who's a lawyer. I exported the file to a TIFF-File, thought that would be the best for him and sent it to him. But he says the logo doesn't look like it's supposed to look. Blueish background, wrong colors etc. He wants to use this one on his website. So what would be the correct File to send him? And what about the wrong colors? 


Attachment: The Logo on the left side is the correct one, the one on the right is what the TIFF-File looks like. Very strange. What's up with that? What did I do wrong? Can't find the problem...

I have to say I'm a total loser when it comes to correct Files and settings. :/


Would be very cool if somebody could help me with this one.


Oh and the text is german, just for the record.




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I´d go for a PNG as it´s supported by most (if not all) browsers and has an alpha (transparency) channel which might be useful, and it´s also looseness. But that´s pixel based like TIF or jpg.

If you want to to preserve the vector nature (scalability) of your file you´d have to choose another format like SVG or PDF.


The color shift is most likely a color space issue. Most browsers are color space agnostic, they just use an sRGB color space. You´ve probably designed in another color space. If you´re using AD which I think you are, go to move tool (v) and on the top left there is the "document setup" button where you can look up/ change your color profile.


Or you may have an transparent background and apple preview changes that transparent background to that grey seen in you image but I don´t think it´s behaving like that so I don´t think thats the issue....But to be sure you can add a white layer under all your design ayers so that you get a solid background, or in the PNG export dialog > More > Matte > white.




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For a website PNG (“portable network graphics”) or SVG (“scalable vector graphics”) are the best choice for images with few colors while JPEG is best for images with millions of colors. Nowadays, with touch devices being increasingly popular and good browser support I would recommend SVG for your logo as it’s indefinitely scalable without loss of quality – and it can therefore also be used in other media, not just for websites.

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Hallo Hardouken, bitte nicht in den falschen Hals bekommen, aber es gäbe aus professioneller Sicht noch viel zu tun, aber bitte korrigiere zumindest die Buchstabenabstände. Vielleicht hört es sich für Dich als Gestaltungs-Laien seltsam an, aber die Mühe, die Du Dir beispielsweise mit den Buchstabenabständen gemacht hast, war vergeblich. Besonders der Abstand A—V ist viel zu gering. Grundregel: Alle Zeichen sollten optisch den gleichen Abstand haben. Besser die Abstände entsprechend der Kerningtabellen belassen bzw. RECHTSANWALT etwas sperren. Leider fehlen dem A.D. Funktionen, die grafische Fehler vermeiden helfen.

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