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Using Affinity Publisher to add metadata to a design produced using Affinity Designer so as to produce a PDF document with metadata

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I have produced some PDF documents using Affinity Designer.

For information the thread about their production is


yet reading that is not necessary in relation to this thread.

Some are A3 landscape format, some are Ledger landscape format.

I am happy with the PDF document artwork content.

I am now wanting to produce versions that include metadata.

As it happens I cannot do that in Affinity Designer, so I need to use Affinity Publisher to add the metadata.

I have found, in Affinity Publisher,




Document Information

I have tried producing a test PDF document.

In Adobe Reader




The Author field from Adobe Publisher goes through fine

The Subject field from Affinity Publisher goes through fine, though it is one line in Adobe Reader and one needs to go along it to read it all.

The text in what I put in the Comments field in Affinity Publisher is not in the PDF document, hich may well be fine because maybe it is a way to put a comment in a .afpub file and it not be used anywhere else

Somewhat curiously, at least to me at present, is that the text in what in Affinity Publisher is labelled Tags is displayed in Adobe Reader in a text area labelled as Keywords. However, from my tests I found that the text in the Affinity Publisher Tags field is displayed as ordinary text in the Keywords are text area of Adobe Reader yet with a double quote character added at the start and at the end.

Does anyone know why the double quote characters are added please?

It seems to me that being able to put a plain text description of the artwork in the Keywords field would be a useful way to place the metadata in the PDF document. However, as the field is called Keywords I am wondering if that would cause some problems in some way. Does anyone know about this please?

Did Serif add the double quote characters or is that added by Adobe Reader please?

Is my run of plain text being treated as one keyword? 

If one did, in  different PDf document, want to add, say, three keywords, how would one do that please? 

In Affinity Publisher, is there any way to make the Fields panel larger please?





Until December 2022, using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England. From January 2023, using an HP laptop running Windows 11 in England.

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  • Staff

When exporting our to PDF Publisher does insert the double quotes for the Tags section when viewed in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat under the Keyword heading. I can't provide a reason for this at the moment but I'm trying to confirm. You can use commas in the Tags field to separate them, this applies to Acrobat Reader as well if you wanted to add more after.

The Fields panel can be resized by placing your cursor on the edge/corner. The input fields on the panel can't be resized to display more space.

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