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Localized Keyboard Shortcuts


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Please localize the keyboard shortcuts of your Apps properly. Cmd+[ (move layer down) is easy to access on english keyboard layouts, but with german layout you have to press Cmd+Alt+5. Using the same key position would be nice, like Cmd+Ü in this example.


Current shortcut for German layout:

Current shortcut for US layout:


Preferred shortcut for German layout:

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Yes, I know, but I think Affinity should be shipped with optimal shortcuts. 


I just realized that my suggested shortcut is not the best choice as ⌘] should then be mapped to ⌘+ which is already used on German keyboards. So doing it like Adobe seems to be the best: ⌘[ → ⌘Ö and ⌘] → ⌘Ä.


By the way: In the past Adobe messed or forgot the localized Shortcuts with some Updates. In some versions we couldn't fix it manually as there were bugs with recording shortcuts with umlauts. ;-)

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